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What came of Ginger

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I’d found this easy little recipe for ginger syrup on Joythebaker. A little gem in the web labyrinth.

Ginger syup – sweet l0vely thing to use for so many things – mainly ginger ale – which I love. And I had just happened on some fresh and cheap ginger. So it was more or less decided for me.

And voila – 1-1½ hours later sweet syrup to go with my strawberries, my coffee…and of course to turn my soda into ginger ale. But looking at that leftover ginger all moist and candied up by sugar – I just couldn’t throw it out.

So what to do? – cupcakes! You can bake most anything into those little things. I chose a banana cupcake recipe as the gingermass sort of looked like mashed banana only brown – did as I would normally do – and then I also added the rest of my strawberries. And once more voila – half an hour later – Candied ginger-strawberry cupcakes.


Tastes really great – sweet and strong ginger and a different kind of sweet – straberries.

Next time I think I’ll make the syrup mixed with either mint or lime – or both…


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Hi I'm Jane. I live in a small apartment which is suffering under my many crafts and hobbies. I't sometimes seems as I live with them rather than the other way around. I grew up with all sorts of sewing crafts and I just haven't been able to choose just one or two. What I choose to do on any given day is pretty much up to mood and plans. So even though my figure and the clothes I love to wear fits together they are seldom in fashion and as I'm not very tall (making most dresses and skirts too long) - well, sewing my own clothes and then spicing it up with a bit of modern fashion seems to be the way to go for me. Even with the ongoing Mad Men fever there seem to be a lack of proper clothes for me to wear. Other than that I'm studying the European Union and English with a focus on communications and cooperation with the worlds developing countries; a lot of them being former European colonies. Dreary-sounding to most people but I love the mix of politics, culture, economics and social development. To take the egde of my studies I practice yoga - as much as possible - if I can get away with it I spend a least an hour (or...) on my practice. But it is much more than it is really good for me - I also really need as I'm training to run a marathon or two. And now - new hobby - learn how to manage a blog...which is not as easy a I thought - mainly al the technical stuff of arranging the site...hmm...hopefully it'll come to me...soon...

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