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Plaid Drive

I just discovered a small piece of left over plaid patterned fabric – simple in off-white, black and grey. Normally I NEVER go for anything synthetic – but the original intent for this fabric was a 19th century copy 5-gore skirt. Meaning I wanted and went for the swooshing sound – and nothing like highly flamable fabrics to have that nice sound. And I did get a very nice highwaisted skirt out of it.

And as so often before I just never got around to finding the perfect idea or pattern for the rest of the fabric. Until now.  Vogue pattern no. 8353

Very Simply Vogue

Nothing much to it – but still very sweet and summerlike. I think it’ll work for this fabric as it is loose under the arms allowing for the skin some air.

Three-piece dress

Also I’ll add some lightweight cotton to the waist area for the sake of my skin as well. I just can’t stand the smell of bad sweat and synthetic fibres…not good. But I can’t just throw the fabric out – and there are ways to work around the problematic areas.

Of my own

The bits and pieces left are still big enough that something can come out of them too – so I fished out one of my old homemade corset patterns. Plaid and with warious trim – should make a very nice corset. If there is enough fabric I even think I’ll make two – one suited for day wear and one … a bit more over the top with embellishments and fun…

I never really know with corsets – sometimes Istart out with one picture and one idea in myhead – but it will turn out comepletely different as it isn’t possible to see what will be good until I am a bit further in the process.

One half of the outer layer

Also – a bigger thing – thinking, researching and needing ideas for the next Grotesque Burlesque Party – Theme: Forbidden Acrobatics…

…dare I…do I…a spandex onepiece full body suit…with a corset…hmm…still not sure…Need ideas…




The Candyfloss Cardigan Bundle

It’s amazing – I love how one thing can turn into another – and then another yet again…yarn yarn yarn in all sizes, shapes and colours – such lush, wonderfull colours.
But… now having hit that troubling point again (as I always seem to do) – the temptation to just bundle the whole thing up and pack it away for a rainy day…far far away…is just so much more appealing.

The annoying place in my knitting adventure being a point you just can’t seem to avoid when knitting clothes – sewing it all together and even worse – weaving in all the ends…such a tedious task. But as with most tedious task it has to be done.

Which is weird – as I love to sew…but weawing ends and sewing up the parts just doesn’t seem to get me going. I love to knit – the process, the intricate pattern possibilities, fitting it, making it all come together – but still, argh…

Even though I am really looking forward to it being finished – I still find it hard to kick myself too the finish line. Also I’ve found a lot of incredible 1940s and 1950s knitting patterns – and have entered the mental state of ‘so much to do so little time’-mind. But I’ve decided that I can’t start another project until I finish one – one out/one in – trying to keep track of all the things I want to try and want to make.

Another system has found its way into my life. It isn’t just the fabric addiction which is taking up space and time – also everything to do with yarn – though that isn’t as bad as the fabric-trouble. The new system is a list – so every time I get an idea for any kind of craft project I write it down on a list hanging in my window – and every time I finish I cross the finished part out with a bright coloured feltpen. Alright adimittedly it has become far far longer in a very short time – but better too see and get the feeling of getting somewhere than get annoyed because I have remnants of an idea in my mind that I didn’t write down – but it the remnants will haunt me anyway.

So for today…I think I’ll settle for the bundle and find my way to finishing some other chores – I have some new systems for my kitchen – things to brighten up the room and make time there just a smidge easier…


And maybe tomorrow the candyfloss bundle will morph into a vintage style cardigan…

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Shoes for every occation

Sitting in my sofa with a hot cup of coffee trying to get warm after the ordeals of the day so far.

I finally finally pulled myself together – so after my morning power yoga session I ventured out into the pouring rain (and I really men pouring – it is coming down like there is no tomorrow out there) and went to the marathon store. Great place for the running people of the city – all and everything just for runners – with only runners working there – so as opposed to other stores with sports equipment you are sure they know what you are talking about when describing your situation.

And 4 trys, 4 filmed runs, loads of evaluation, discussions back and forth, a second opinion, more evaluation, 45 minutes later I was one pair of shoes richer – but even more rich in the running department.


And that last part is worth so much more – running is a cheap sport. But if you wan to be good to yourself, be good to your feet, knees, thighs and all the joints and hamstrings – you go seek help from professionals to guide you to a happier life with your feet.

And please to have the love of your feet for a long time follow these rules:

1. Do NOT look at the price until you´ve chosen your shoe.

2. Do NOT look at the visual design – it isn´t what makes it a good shoe.

3. Listen to your feet – what do they tell you.

No sense in buying expensive shoes if not for the wellfare and benefit of you feet and legs. But somehow you always seem to end up with a shoe you didn’t fall for on the showcase wall, and somehow the right shoe for you feet is almost never funky just kind of dull – especially when displayed next to those aluring shoes of many an eye-catching and head turning colours – like Newtons.


But stick to the shoe that fits you and then you can always spice the shoe up – e.g. bright laces.

Hope the weather will clear up for tomorrow – so I can give them their first try – just a short one I promise to be good – not more than a 10k.

And for the rest of the weekend I’ll be flashing these babies….


I just love cognec coloured leather…so pretty…I love my addiction….

Nice weekend to all out there.

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Sugar sugar sugar….rush

Now 6 hours later I am still working on a high built entirely from a massive, amazing, overwhelming, overload of suger combined with love and lovelyness – made into dividable forms of heaven…

I could go on and on throwing positive adjectives around…explanation – I went to my first Pastry/Cake/Sunday gathering. Where Anarkistens (ægte) Kogebog shared and tested new recipies for cakes.

One of the wonders from KonditorSøndag 17. June 2012

And my poor marathon training body and mind are definitely nowhere near in good enough training for this asortment of sweetness. But I dove in, I did my best – and I left nothing. That would be bad form – and would result in mockery – or so I was told. Even though I am being punished now – I am still taking it in good spirit…and sharing my well deserved and nurtured stomach ache and sugar high.

Though boasting from another kind of sweet my last and final skirt in the “triad skirt series” really is sweet with a hint of marangue (oh my, after this afternoon beware of cake-analogies) – sort of light and puffy luckily not in white.

The one in the middle

The final skirt is of course the cream coloured cotton fabric with laden with little brown flowers. To add something different to this skirt I desided to split up an under-skirt I started making a few years ago – making two underskirts. It is made of a dark brown gauzy weaved cotton – very light and fluffy. One I added to the final skirt in making – and voila thus giving marangue…

The under skirt

Setting this skirt apart from the other two is also the higher waistband – which I this time made in a very-easy-to-split-open-kind-of-way…I have see the light of my not too dependable weight. And making new clothes – all the work and looking forward to wearing it – makes it real hard when you 2-3 weeks later find that the skirt no longer fits properly – too big…so this time I am planing ahead.

Please disregard the dirty fingered mirror – nothing like a blitz to set them off so lovely

The pattern for this skirt i also a little different slightly more circular where the others are more a-line. But not a comeplete circle as I still wanted to keep these skirts simple. But stil gives it a little bit of the 50s look I love so much – and feel so at home in.

The inner skirt is pleasted all the way round where the outer skirt only has to single pleats one on each side of the back zipper. Contrary to the brown Hawaiian flower skirt I went for a less noticable zipper – more hidden.

Miss Fluffy

Only one last thought for this skirt – as I am still considering wether it is slightly too long. Should or should I now raise the hem an inch or two?

All in all – light and fluffy – love the way it moves and flows with the air when runing down the stairs – makes me feel girly…


Bonus finds

Once in a while you get so lucky and just happen upon a thing that is just perfect. And often it happens when you are not looking at all – but actually hunting for something else.

This time was no different. I was helping a friend with her kitchen last Friday – which ultimately meant two trips to Ikea (her 5th trip – for just one kitchen…very annoying…but…noooone to take responsibility in Ikea…) because of wrong parts. It is a brilliant idea that you can build you own kitchen just to your liking…but gosh the work and trouble that comes with it – you start to wonder if it is worth it.

Well, the positive element of the day was a trip to an antique store I knew and had mentioned to her several times. And this day with a car at our disposal we took the chance and went there. My friend had for some time been looking for a coffee table for her living room without having any luck since she had very specific requirements for the size and hight of the table which is not at all standard for todays coffee tables.

We came, we saw and score…bam…one great table after another…end then not only one but two perfect ones. So then we had to pass som time debating which was more perfect all the while taking a trip round the rest of the place. And here I happened upon my find of the day…a handbag.

The Mustard Bag

The perfect little accessorie – I think it is possibly late 1950s but more likely to be from the 1960s from a Bon Goût ladies handbag line. Great size, multiple rooms i a sort of layered way – almost like two bags in one. And the colour is great – very special – sort of a mustartd brownish yellow. Normally I hardly ever go for any kind of yellow – has never really been my colour but lately I’m sort of warming up to it in spite of it really not being my colour. But for accessories it really is great, spicy and give something extra – not to mention it is such a happy colour – still wouldn’t paint my walls yellow though…

Roomy little thing

Next step of the mission – see if it’ll go with my favorite shoes – a pair of saffran yellow suede pumps. But I need to get them resoled before trying out any combanations…what if it looks great…I would want to take it out straight away showing it off…and that wouldn’t bee good for the shoes… 😉

And oh yes she did decide – so we also to home the coffee table and some cute nicknacks for sushi dinners…

Chop stick rests


Remiss in a fall feeling

I have been remiss in taking my time to return in here. And even though I have been busy and I have been having that tired ‘winter-is-coming-soon’-feeling – I really should have taken the time to return as it gives me so much  more than I feel I am giving. Anything to forget that the weather lately is more like Fall than actual Summer.

It is like my running – it can feel unaccomplishable to wake up to a 12-13 mile run – but being out there in the nature, in my own little world, testing the day form of my legs to see what kind of run it’ll be… but always no matter what state my legs are in – the right frame of mind can and will bring me forward and coming back from a run will each and every time bring me a new revitalised energi I cannot find anywhere else…save from yoga…but still different – in it’s own way.

Well, having not been in here doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up with ‘Project Get a hold of Your Fabric Addiction, Missie’. I have finished a few projects – as well as having started a few more…getting ready to lauch a side project under the Addiction-umbrella – corsets. But that I’ll get back to when I’m good and ready.

Again this is a pattern I’ve had lying around for years – I bought it beacause I have a soft spot for dresses with pockets – they are ever so lovely- and I just cannot get enough of them also the fact that it  had a complete buttoned front fit exactly with the idea I had in my head.

Vogue pattern 8577

I intended this pattern for a dress that should be light and light in colours as well – front opened, possibly without sleeves as my idea was that the dress could be combined with 19th century and a little simple cotton jersy or cotton top with cap sleeves.

However, as it often happens things never always goes quite as planned. I had some very nice linen in a rich dark navy blue which seemed perfect. So very soft – not too thin or thick – but thick and heavy enough as not to wrinkle as soon as you even just look at it. Also the cut of the skirt in combination with the added support in the sides from the pockets there is a very nice flow in the skirt. Love that.

Pockets grande.

I decided to keep the dress very basic – no flash and funny business at all. The pattern included lining which I decided against as I wanted a light summerdress. I turned the front facing to the outside for some added texture.

And the the usual alterations – shorten the skirt – always always necessary as I am only 5 ft. 2.5 – so I have to be careful and not do myself the disfavour of presenting myself even shorter than I really am by the wrong length of my skirt.

In all it’s simple glory

Also when working with Vogue patterns, I have to take in at the shoulders. Apparently  Vogue women either have very wide shoulders or they are unnaturally huge fans of the 80’s shoulder-boosters. Well I am Not. So off they go. Lastly, take it in a bit at the waist as well as shorten the body by about half an inch. I’m just short all over I guess. And waist to bust difference is never quite right.

It is a great dress – very sailor like – so I do have to be a bit carefull when accessorizing it – otherwise it’ll go full blown sailor costumy in no time.

Here the dress is in the company of my little bonus niece Lily – and for the first time in weeks a spot of sun and warmth.

I’ll make the soft coloured version another time – this dress definitely deserves to be made more than once…

And now off to bed – I have a competition tomorrow – only a 6.25 mile run – but still – I need my rest. No point in doing the thing if not doing it right.