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Shoes for every occation

Sitting in my sofa with a hot cup of coffee trying to get warm after the ordeals of the day so far.

I finally finally pulled myself together – so after my morning power yoga session I ventured out into the pouring rain (and I really men pouring – it is coming down like there is no tomorrow out there) and went to the marathon store. Great place for the running people of the city – all and everything just for runners – with only runners working there – so as opposed to other stores with sports equipment you are sure they know what you are talking about when describing your situation.

And 4 trys, 4 filmed runs, loads of evaluation, discussions back and forth, a second opinion, more evaluation, 45 minutes later I was one pair of shoes richer – but even more rich in the running department.


And that last part is worth so much more – running is a cheap sport. But if you wan to be good to yourself, be good to your feet, knees, thighs and all the joints and hamstrings – you go seek help from professionals to guide you to a happier life with your feet.

And please to have the love of your feet for a long time follow these rules:

1. Do NOT look at the price until you´ve chosen your shoe.

2. Do NOT look at the visual design – it isn´t what makes it a good shoe.

3. Listen to your feet – what do they tell you.

No sense in buying expensive shoes if not for the wellfare and benefit of you feet and legs. But somehow you always seem to end up with a shoe you didn’t fall for on the showcase wall, and somehow the right shoe for you feet is almost never funky just kind of dull – especially when displayed next to those aluring shoes of many an eye-catching and head turning colours – like Newtons.


But stick to the shoe that fits you and then you can always spice the shoe up – e.g. bright laces.

Hope the weather will clear up for tomorrow – so I can give them their first try – just a short one I promise to be good – not more than a 10k.

And for the rest of the weekend I’ll be flashing these babies….


I just love cognec coloured leather…so pretty…I love my addiction….

Nice weekend to all out there.


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Welcome to the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2012!

Lying on my sofa – looking at my not so becoming tanlines of a day spent in the great outdoors – and No sewing today at all!

Despite the title – alas – not yet. But not all that far away – then today 11 months from now – and hopefully at this time of the day – I’ll have had run my first marathon.

Welcome to the Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2012!….2013…21st of April.

Just got the date from my mother today which was spent trapesing all over Copenhagen as some of her running buddies was going to run their first marathon in the Copenhagen Marathon 2012.

Yes my mom no.2 is the reason for all of this, the reason why I suddenly had to learn how to run (because apparently that is not just something you do) and worst of all I ad to learn how to actually find out how to LIKE to rum. Which turned out to be harder than to run a half-marathon. No – 1,5 years ago she announced  that WE were going to run a marathon before she turned 50 – which got me thinking I might have to start running if I was going to be able to obey that command.

Today was amazing – for the onlookers the weather was absolutely perfect. The first real warm day of the year – 26 degrees and I spent all of it outside getting startet on this years tan.

But the degrees making most of us happy was a bit hard on those that day was actually about – all the eager runners. From amateur sports runners to the elite runners – I think they gladly would have settled for 10+ degrees less on the barometer.

In spite of all the then there were those going the extra mile…like Tor with the exceptionel overflow taking picures from one end to the other – while participating, the buthchers celebrating the 125th anniversary for Danish Crown – one of them running the entire 42,195km in a cow suit in the 26 degrees (pheeew).

And then there were these three guys – the KUUL Team – ultra runners who run for charity. for this marathon they ran 174km – from one university hospital to another – the two hospitals in Denmark with research facilities and ward for kids with heart diseases. They started In Jutland, ran to the boat sailing them to Sealand – where they ran all night – coming in in time for the marathon start up this morning. Then they ran the marathon – and then the took 4km more to end up at the other hospital – inviting all to run the last few with them. How amazing is that?

This is the route they took through our city.


So now my planning and research starts for real. Shoes – important part – the ones I have not won’t make it till then – so I’ll have to have new ones – and in good time to break them in. Clothes…I’m sort of picky in that department – not because I want the expensive brand stuff – no not at all – my criteria are more specific – I hate to be desturbed by non-necessary things while running – like clothes not sitting quite right, itchy stuff…noisy stuff….So that’ll take some also.

Then there is food – might as well get into the habit right away – learn what will help me along better. Maybe some energy bars and the likes – as I really don’t like some of those gels they serve – what is it with sports-nutrition and energy-stuff and tutti-fruity-taste. It sucks – and I just can-‘t take it in. There must be something better out there.

And I’m comtemplating finding a running club – to boost motivation…

Don’t know if I can – but I sure will give it a try…

But for now – happy running and great legs to all of you out there already running the marathons. All power to you – I can’t wait to join you.