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Little Miss Bitty

Well, apparently I can be a bit of a Bitty at times – or very Jutlantic…or so I’m told…But I really do hate waste. In any form.

And having finished this project, well, maybe there is something to it. Just a little bit bitty at times. But I just hate to throw things out that is perfectly usable. Just can’t say it enough.

Combining this with the fact that I can’t just sit I need something in my hands to work on – and also I needed something for my neck. Too warm for wither scarf and not warm enough to go without. And also accessories…love…

I had a huge bag og old, vintage wool yarns for sock mending – some inherited from my grandmother and great grandmother. I do knit socks but it is years between I mend any of them. So – I’ve had it for years, and admittingly it isn’t just fabric I have a lot of…it is alo yarn.

Nothing much to it – just back and forth on a circular needle size 2 – yes I took the easy way out and didn’t want to spend time on anything much more intricate than regular knit (not even purling). I did a little bit of pattern to make a scalloped edge – but that was about it.

All it took was time – due to the number of stitches and size of needles and I even did go up two sizes from where I started. I didn’t have the size one needles in circular so it just became too annoying to handle.

But sadly (or not – as well, I still need something in my hands – and most knitting projects are easier to bring with me than sewing projects) there is still sock yarn left – also I found a bunde of embroidery yarn…silks, wools, cotton…so next bitty knitty project is mittens to go with the scarf I think.


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What came of Ginger

I’d found this easy little recipe for ginger syrup on Joythebaker. A little gem in the web labyrinth.

Ginger syup – sweet l0vely thing to use for so many things – mainly ginger ale – which I love. And I had just happened on some fresh and cheap ginger. So it was more or less decided for me.

And voila – 1-1½ hours later sweet syrup to go with my strawberries, my coffee…and of course to turn my soda into ginger ale. But looking at that leftover ginger all moist and candied up by sugar – I just couldn’t throw it out.

So what to do? – cupcakes! You can bake most anything into those little things. I chose a banana cupcake recipe as the gingermass sort of looked like mashed banana only brown – did as I would normally do – and then I also added the rest of my strawberries. And once more voila – half an hour later – Candied ginger-strawberry cupcakes.


Tastes really great – sweet and strong ginger and a different kind of sweet – straberries.

Next time I think I’ll make the syrup mixed with either mint or lime – or both…

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Battle Begun

So I’ve decided to battle my addiction and feed my love of clothes and mixed it with a promise – I will not buy more fabric until I can see the bottom of my vintage bridal chest, until I have emptied out the boxes in the cellar and the various other places where I keep the fabric…so no more buying…unless, of course I really need it for a project and can’t find anything useful amongst what I have – but it must never be the primary only accessory to what I have.

Tough one.

I should also start in on the coffee attraction- but I figure one addiction at the time might be safer if I want to succeed. Or perhaps battling two at the same time might cancel out the fixation on either one of them…

Time will tell…


Also time to get organised about the whole thing or I’ll drown. Divide and conquer…

I have a lot of light fabrics perfect for skirts, dresses and perhaps af few shirts as well. Then there is all the heavier wools – coats and some winter dresses…but even though I love to have a lot of coats and jacket (always wondered why most people settle for only one mathcing the seasons – coats are great accessories)…still, it’ll end up being a lot of coats with all the wool I have. See if I can come up with other ideas.

Of course I have patterns already, but the fun of making new ones and finding vintage ones is too great to ignore. So that’ll go on the list as well as roaming for bits and bobs for the projects. Actually I’ve already started a list – and it is long…and getting longer…it’s good that I like lists…like seeing my progress when crossing of stuff…

And I’ve cut out the first project – a vintage style summer dress i a light blue cotton fabric with little baby pink roses…

See if I can work it into a dress – I am slightly worried as the fabric somewhat reminds me of a tablecloth my great grandmother would use…don’t know whatever possed me when I bought it…

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Press of Projects

I consider myself fairly avarage in the normal department. Not too much of either or…no addictions to speeak of – well except when it comes to coffee. I try to keep it down – but it is verging on being a lost cause (headaches when I forget to have my coffee, hmmm).

So mostly normal…or so I thought. But taking stock of my fabrics (felt a little pressured to do so after various comments) it sems that I was wrong. Very much so. You might even say I have a rather substantial addiction going on.



Okay, fair enough maybe not that bad an addiction in the eyes of the public – the topic for my addiction – it isn’t in the ‘I-need-a-support-group-and-soon’-genre. Though, when you have a very large chest filled up, several boxes in the basement, other boxes in the apartment and under the bed…plus plus plus… living in a small apartment the coming of new fabrics really should match the projects – just to keep it all level. And here is where it goes wrong.

It isn’t that I don’t have an idea when i find new fabric – I always do. To my defence I never buy fabric without a purpose – it is just that there just isn’t enough time to do it all. So some project gets left of for a while…and yes some I forget, though I try to make notes as not to forget. But I just don’t alway carry my notebooks around with me.

This have become a whole lot easier as I just godt my first smartphone – meaning easy access to my notebooks. No excuse to forget now.